You are a sophisticated and informed bank with specific hiring needs. You need more than a database of candidates… you need a trusted business partner and ambassador in your market. Choosing the right partner makes a difference. Magnet Hire brings best practices to the recruitment process. Together we partner and define the search process, timeline, and agreed upon budget. Magnet Hire will customize the search through a streamline process that we execute on your behalf to find the top bankers who would thrive on your team.

MH Delivers Talent

  • Bring value with our calls
  • Interview to hire ratio is ½ most recruiters
  • Efficient and timely process
  • Listen to the inner workings of the bank
  • Understand culture and who would best fit
  • Customize recommendations and search
  • Up to date market intelligence and coaching

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MH & Hiring Managers

  • Without a recruiter the average time to fill a position is 77 days.
  • Save over $30,000/hire by partnering with us!
  • Streamlined process
  • # of candidates presented to you versus the number hired is one of the lowest in the industry
  • MH delivers a consistent and compelling PR message.
  • MH generates buzz and interest in your bank
  •  97% of our job offers are accepted versus without a recruiter of 50%.

MH & HR Partners

  • 93% of our job offers are accepted versus without a recruiter of 50%.
  • 100% of exclusive searches were filled
  • 80% of candidates give us permission to accept the offer on the spot for them
  • Culture fit is our goal
  • We ask the tough questions to understand your team, needs, and chemistry that would work
  • We know who will fit and is ready to move over to your bank
  • We compliment and work in tandem with your HR team
  • Reduce expenditures and lost opportunity costs