• Consulting & Market Intelligence

    Magnet Hire’s commercial banking knowledge and experience in executive recruiting offers you market intelligence and consulting on hiring hard to find talent, moving to a new position, career planning, succession planning, and salary. We know what questions to ask, how to filter, and when to present the right opportunities and talent to you.

    Consulting & Market Intelligence
  • Professional

    Our executive recruiters are in this for the long term. We value building relationships based on trust. Our commitment is full disclosure, confidentiality, and execution and achievement of agreed upon strategy. We work best with commercial bankers who respect the important role that we play and who are comfortable in sharing what is important to them.

  • Customized

    Based on our probing questions and listening skills, we uncover many factors to help put together the right plan and timeline to meet your needs.  Hiring or changing jobs requires a targeted approach to help achieve your goals. This comprehensive plan includes following up on progress, making adjustments as needed and constant communication throughout.

  • Confidential

    Whether or not you want to change jobs or hire tomorrow, start a relationship with us today so we can build trust over the long run. We commit to not release your name or resume until you are ready to interview for a specific job. Our candidate presentations are made to our clients anonymously. We are hands on in screening opportunities and candidates to only present you the best ones that meet your needs.


Commercial Banking

  • Magnet Hire understands the bank’s culture
  • We have in depth knowledge of key players
  • Matching of commercial bankers to
    banks is key
  • Hands on coaching throughout the process
  • Knows why an A player would want to

Diverse Banking Clients

  • Regional Banks
  • Large U.S. Banks
  • Small Region Banks
  • Community Banks
  • De novo Banks
  • International Banks

Candidate Referrals Say

  • Confidentiality is #1 for us
  • We offer career consulting
  • The timeline is based on you
  • You decide who gets your resume
  • Start a relationship with us today

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Mary from Magnet Hire is the best recruiter that I have worked with in my 30+ year banking career. Mary was extremely proactive in identifying possible candidates for our lending position. Mary continued to develop candidates that fit our needs and our culture and I am certain Magnet Hire has delivered a high quality banker with a bright future at our bank. Mary was always professional, attentive and responsive as our needs evolved during this search. I would recommend Mary and Magnet Hire without reservation for your recruiting needs!–Corporate Banking Team Leader

Magnet Hire is our go to recruiter. We have been using Magnet for the past several years and have always been impressed with their knowledge and expertise. They take the time to understand the needs of their clients and the companies represented. Most impressive is their knowledge of the market place and what it takes to secure the perfect candidate. My highest recommendations go to Mary and the team at Magnet Hire.–Region President Denver

I have worked with Magnet Hire for the past three years and was recently placed into a successful team that has a long standing relationship with Magnet Hire. Magnet Hire's relationship driven approach has allowed for me to be consistently placed in front of top quality employers. Because of the hands on and knowledgeable approach of Magnet Hire I knew that my best interests and career goals were the top priority of Magnet Hire's team members as they proactively assisted me with my career transition. If you are looking to partner with a professional, confidential, well connected and respected recruiter I would highly recommend Magnet Hire.–Commercial Lender

Mary takes a careful and thoughtful approach in understanding the needs of her banking clients.  Moreover, she uses that same approach in understanding the skill sets,  inclinations and goals of her candidates. Utilizing both sets of information,  Mary skillfully brings both parties together. She provides expert council and advocacy throughout the process and in doing so creates quality solutions for all parties involved. I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work  with Mary and actively seek opportunities to utilize her considerable talents.–Team Leader Commercial Banking